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Bubble Soccer, Fall Fest, Retro Hoodies: Spirit Week 2019

Bubble Soccer, Fall Fest, Retro Hoodies: Spirit Week 2019

With dress-down days, tailgates, sporting events, and a pep rally, the StuCo organized SLUH Spirit Week is set  to kick off next Monday, to generate hype for the upcoming sporting events and promote unity at St. Louis U. High. ...

The highly anticipated Spirit Week features a diverse slate of themes and activities. “This year we tried to bring back some old favorites and infuse it wit...

Equity and Inclusion Committee formed at board level

Equity and Inclusion Committee formed at board level

From aesthetics to sustainability to historical preservation, St. Louis U. High’s list of committees is as extensive as it is essential for the operation of the school. The newest addition to the litany of committees is a permanent bo...

To Purnell, this committee is like any other board-level committee, and he’s advocated for the same resource allocation and attention for this committee as a...

Selective Sunday: reps prep students for admissions draft

Representatives from two selective universities—Notre Dame and Wake Forest—educated a packed theater Sunday night about what it takes to be admitted to a...

AP GoPo explores Judicial System at Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Federal Courthouse

AP American Politics students witnessed the American justice system firsthand through last Tuesday’s guided tour of the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse i...

Clavius in Belize helps build brighter future one robot at a time

The Clavius Project has intertwined robotics and compassion to teach kids from St. Louis area grade schools for the potential of STEM education and the importance of...

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