Facing the past: the ties between SLUH and slavery

Facing the past: the ties between SLUH and slavery

The land belonged to Esther. It had, at least, for sixteen years. This was a freed woman’s territory from 1793 to 1808, which she fought tooth and nail for to defend against others who wished to take it. But that land wasn’t Est...

A massive crucifix sits at the top of a hill in Cavalry Cemetery, flanked by dozens of beautiful, intricately carved gravestones, all prominently displaying the sa...

Li, Billeaud baptized at Easter Vigil Masses

Li, Billeaud baptized at Easter Vigil Masses

Senior Lancer Li was initiated into the Catholic Church on April 15 through his Baptism at the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral. Freshman Jack Billeaud was also formally brought into Catholicism through his own Baptism at a Holy Saturday Mass ...

Li was originally approached by the Rev. Joseph Hill, S.J., in December about considering being baptized after Hill noticed his involvement with Campus Ministry th...

God of Carnage hits the stage

God of Carnage hits the stage

The Dauphin Players of St. Louis U. High will be putting on a showing of “God of Carnage” this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Schulte Theatre.  ...

“God of Carnage,” a play originally written in French, was turned into a hit Broadway production in 2009. The play tells the tale of two sets of parent...

Over 8,000 attend national Catholic teachers conference

Over 8,000 faculty, teachers, and administrators from Catholic schools across the nation gathered in St. Louis this week for the annual National Catholic Educators A...

Classes elect 2017-2018 class presidents and vice presidents

It is finished. The ballots are cast, and their peers have selected the new leaders for the Classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 through a popular vote. ...

Robobills take first out of nine in Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

This past Tuesday, the St. Louis U. High SuperMileage Club, working through Ranken Technical College, snatched first place at the 12th annual Missouri SuperMileage C...

Li, Vitellaro lead Chembills in Wash U competition, fall to Carmel High

On the dawn of April 8, an assortment of SLUH masterminds awoke from their peaceful slumber, where chemistry equations rapidly were balanced from the first opening o...

Cinephile walks the hall of SLUH: junior Rich Michalski

St. Louis U. High junior Richard Michalski has taken his passion for the filmed arts and turned it into a form of art for other people to enjoy and learn from. Micha...

SLUH “Pulse” revitalized with YouTube channel

St. Louis U. High radio is once again back on the air. After two years of inactivity, SLUH’s Pulse Radio Club has made its return to the community with the hel...

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