Retreats to be required for incoming juniors

Retreats to be required for incoming juniors

Starting next year, St. Louis U. High will require all juniors to go on at least one retreat during the school year as part of an initiative started three years ago from Go Forth campaign of the Imagining 18 strategic planning. ...

Mandatory retreats for all grade levels has been a long-term goal from Strategic Planning in Imagining 18, which aimed at bringing more Jesuit identity opportuniti...

A semester in review: new demerit system

A semester in review: new demerit system

St. Louis U. High is now nearly one semester in to the first year of using the new electronic system for administering demerits to students. The program, designed by Director of Information Technology Jon Dickmann, has taken the place of th...

The electronic system, a part of, lets teachers enter a student’s name and the number of demerits or JUGs given to that student, as...

Fear the Beards: 2nd annual No Shave November competition

Fear the Beards: 2nd annual No Shave November competition

The Student Council (STUCO) held its second annual official No Shave November this month in order to raise awareness for testicular cancer. ...

No Shave November allowed seniors and underclassmen alike to grow out their facial hair to be judged at the end of month. Anyone who participated was invited up t...

SLUH ranked in top 10 Catholic high schools on, an online school ranking service, has ranked St. Louis U. High the 10th best Catholic high school in the country and the fourth best private high school i...

Senior builds table for The Squares

The Squares may be best known for the four-sided stone panels that make up its patio, but when it came to building a new picnic table for the site, senior Dominic Gh...

Sophomore group visits the Windy City over Thanksgiving

Eleven sophomores departed to Chicago for a four-day trip over the first weekend of Thanksgiving to see the sights, visit museums, and eat some unique Chicago food. ...

SLUH Extends Global Outreach Through Senior Service to Saint Petersburg

Over the past decade, SLUH has been reaching its hands all over the world. Exchange programs from Australia, Russia, China, and France have been created, and seniors...

Speech morale high as season rolls on

St. Louis U. High’s speech team attended the second meet of the season on Nov. 20 at Saint Joseph’s Academy. ...

Varsity Scholar Bowl continues undefeated season; JV falls to Cor Jesu

This past Tuesday, Saint Louis U. High hosted a scholar meet, as a part of the City League. This was the second to last regular season meet with the championships oc...

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