Makerspace construction: $1.6 million project to begin in June

Makerspace construction: $1.6 million project to begin in June

In recent years, the makerspace movement has been sweeping across America at all levels of education, and in June, St. Louis U. High will join the movement as it begins construction on a $1.6 million state-of-the art makerspace as a part of...


Gibbons reflects on first year as principal

Gibbons reflects on first year as principal

Editor in chief Jack Schweizer and core staff member Liam John sat down with principal Ian Gibbons, S.J., on Tuesday to discuss his first year as principal of St. Louis U. High. He reflected on his transition, the challenges he’s face...

Jack Schweizer: First, thank you for taking the time to meet with us. I appreciate it. And congratulations on completing your first year as principal at SLUH. Ian...

Q: Where are you going to college? A: Umm, it’s complicated...

Q: Where are you going to college? A: Umm, it’s complicated...

Four students are planning to take a gap year next year, trading in their textbooks and ink-blotted notebooks to spend time not easily budgeted into the schedule of a bustling college student. ...

Gap years have become an increasing trend across the United States over the past few years, with many young adults taking them to take a break from school, grow pe...

Arun to go to Taiwan on government scholarship

Summer is quickly approaching and many students are eagerly looking forward to summer plans, activities, and trips, especially junior Alfie Arun. The majority of Aru...

Summer renovations: what to expect next August

This summer, the Department of Facilities has some new renovations they plan to do to get out with the old and in with the new. Normal repairs like painting and roo...

Southerly to return to Arizona after two years

English teacher Kaitlin Southerly will be leaving for Arizona after two years of teaching freshman and senior classes. ...

Brown leaves for Creighton Prep after six years of teaching, coaching

After seven years of teaching, administrating, and coaching, Sterling Brown has  accepted a position as the new Dean of Students at Creighton Prep High School i...

Festival of miles to boast thousands

Thousands of people will fill the St. Louis U. High track on Thursday, May 31, to witness the 11th annual Festival of Miles, a nonprofit track meet that attracts mid...

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David Jackson ’16 passes away; SLUH community shocked and mourning ...

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