Students use extended Canvas pilot to analyze LMS’s place at SLUH

Students use extended Canvas pilot to analyze LMS’s place at SLUH

Five hundred thirteen students are currently participating in an extended pilot program for Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), with the goal of determining whether Canvas should be utilized school-wide in the future. Students have mix...

The idea behind an LMS like Canvas is to combine aspects of already-used programs such as Google Drive,, PowerSchool, and other websites in one, centr...

Skydration Systems prepares to send prototypes to Nairobi, Kenya

Skydration Systems prepares to send prototypes to Nairobi, Kenya

This is the moment of truth,” said senior Joseph Reznikov, as he and the four other members of Skydration Systems stood outside the east entrance of the upper field, testing their prototype cap. Staring in anticipation at their makesh...

After months of planning, a St. Louis U. High student-led nonprofit business, Skydration Systems, is sending several suitcases full of 3D printed caps to Nairobi,...

Social Media: Snapchat dominates

Social Media: Snapchat dominates

The world of social media is an ever-changing landscape. A new, innovative start-up skyrockets to the top of the App Store and public spotlight, only to be abandoned months later in lieu of the next big thing. Since 2014, and the last Prep ...

In Volume 78, the Prep News ran a feature on the continued uptick in student use of Twitter, which had grown since the previous survey in 2011.  Twitter domi...

Block Days: Students like them

The Prep News sent out its third survey of the year to the student body of St. Louis U. High in order to collect a snapshot of opinions on the current block day syst...

Freshman elections: Daniel Hartnagel elected as president, Peter Herrmann as VP

While most of St. Louis U. High spent Tuesday’s activity period eating Ted Drewes and listening to junior Leonard Kim dominate the rap battle, freshmen were pa...

Homeroom reps to play a bigger role in STUCO

Starting this year, the St Louis U. High Student Council is including homeroom representatives in many of their meetings in order to more accurately gauge the needs ...

Former astronaut Linda Godwin speaks at SLUH about experience, offers advice

Former astronaut Linda Godwin came to Saint Louis U. High this past Tuesday as part of the Science Club Speaker series.  ...

Russian exchange students take on SLUH, the states

SLUH is hosting two exchange students from Russia this semester: Slava Kolgo and Egor Blokhin. Both of these students arrived on Aug. 16 and are currently being host...

Group of students dresses in black to raise awareness about injustice

A throng of red, white and blue attire dominated the St. Louis U. High halls Wednesday, as students dressed in American clothing for SLUHSA theme during Spirit ...

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