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Prep News 83

Prep News 83

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News year in review

News year in review

SLUH removes chapel cloud to avoid fire hazard The dust-covered maroon cloth covering the fluorescent lights in the chapel were removed for fire hazard reasons due to dust acclimation. The current, exposed fluorescent lights will remain un...

Smit, ’18, dies in unexpected surfing accident Alumnus Will Smit, ’18, died unexpectedly in a surfing accident on Wednesday, Feb.13. Smit was surfing...

Sports year in review

Sports year in review

Rugby beats the unbeatable at State Having fallen to the Kansas City Jr. Blues for the past five consecutive years, the SLUH varsity rugby team finally overcame its nemesis, defeating them 14-10 in a tightly contested match. Seniors Trey S...

Baud retires from varsity water polo After 16 years and an incredible tenure as coach of the SLUH varsity water polo team, highlighted by ten state championships,...

Renovations for next year begin this summer

As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, the St. Louis U. High maintenance staff’s remodeling plans are just beginning to take shape. From working on big...

Hussung leads final trip to Urban Odyssey mural

For nearly two decades, English teacher Chuck Hussung’s freshman Odyssey curriculum culminated in an extra credit field trip to the “Urban Odyssey”...

SLUH to host 11th annual Festival of Miles

As the school year draws to a close, elite runners from around the nation rally around the St. Louis U. High track to participate in the Festival of Miles.  The...

Carruthers reflects on first year at SLUH

Editors’ Note: On Tuesday, PN 83 Editor in Chief Paul Gillam and PN 84 Editor in Chief Johno Jackson sat down with SLUH President Alan Carruthers to discuss hi...

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