Print show in gallery features alums

Print show in gallery features alums

The first annual print show is running in the art gallery until Nov. 30, and showcases various prints made by St. Louis U. High alumni and current students. ...

Printmaking—a type of artwork in which ink is transferred to other materials by printing—has been taught at St. Louis U. High by art teacher Joan Bugni...

Students travel to Jefferson City for MO Youth and Government

Students travel to Jefferson City for MO Youth and Government

St. Louis U. High students joined peers from across the state in Jefferson City this past week for a three-day experience that gave them the chance to live the lives of our politicians. The Youth and Government Conference gave tons of exper...

The purpose of Youth and Government is for students to learn the process of democracy. Moderator Sarah Becvar commented on the ways the students accomplish the mis...

Former Marine’s reflection published in U.S. Catholic magazine ahead of Veterans Day

Former Marine’s reflection published in U.S. Catholic magazine ahead of Veterans Day

Veterans Day was this past Saturday, calling to mind images of service and sacrifice from members of the Armed Forces. For the holiday weekend, the U.S. Catholic magazine published a reflection by Peter Lucier, ’08, an alum and former...

Lucier served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an infantryman for 5 years, from 2008-2013. Lucier entered the Marine Corps after his senior year of high school. Since...

Eleven students travel to Wall Street; meet with businesses

Eleven juniors and seniors, accompanied by social studies teacher Kevin Foy, Vice President of Institutional Advancement Melissa Jones, and Brett Kimes, father of se...

Book signing and discussion for “Bull in the Ring” hosted for community in commons

SLUH hosted a book signing and discussion in the Si Commons Wednesday night for the New York Times bestseller “Bull in the Ring,” written by Joe Castella...

Four staff attend Tech Cohort in Dallas

With modern-day technology spreading across the globe, several SLUH faculty members are hoping to find some ways to harness that power and further the learning exper...

Curriculum Institute discusses racial equity at SLUH through books and speakers

Sixteen faculty and members of the administration have been participating in the Civil Rights and Human Dignity Institute, aimed at exploring human dignity and the c...

Scholar Bowl starts season; sophomores and seniors off to undefeated start

The St. Louis University High Scholar Bowl team began its season on Nov. 7 with strong victories and a few losses. SLUH, known for its great academics, has historica...

Selected juniors participate in Youth Leadership Saint Louis; choose to discuss social issues

Seven juniors—Joe Mantych, Antwine Willis, Jack Sullivan, Jack Ruyle, Max Mantych, Thomas Molen, and Austin Sexton-Warner—who are part of the Youth Leade...

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