Theatre legend Joe Schulte ’54 dies over summer

Theatre legend Joe Schulte ’54 dies over summer

SLUH legend. Longest-serving teacher in SLUH history. Fine arts extraordinaré and theatre director. Calculus wizard. Family man. St. Louis U. High’s beloved Joe Schulte died surrounded by family and friends on July 11, after be...

“Mr. Schulte was a really great man, and his understanding of his God-given talents and his willingness to humbly and with great excellence pursue and challe...

Mixer brings in $19,319 for STUCO

Mixer brings in $19,319 for STUCO

St. Louis U. High kicked off the year with its annual Back To School Mixer (BTSM) in the Danis Field House last Saturday. The mixer, which was put on by SLUH’s Student Council, attracted over 1000 girls from across the Saint Louis are...

“It seems like this is the event to start off the year for a lot of schools,” said STUCO moderator Katherine Toussaint. In past years, the BTSM has be...

Craig Hannick completes first week as 2016-2017 principal

Craig Hannick completes first week as 2016-2017 principal

A week into the 2016-17 school year, Craig Hannick’s year as principal is underway. ...

“(The transition) is going very well. I enjoyed meeting with faculty over the summer, continuing Dr. Moran’s tradition of faculty lunches,” said...

New Direction Days move to June, on campus

New directions was the theme of this year’s Direction Days as the who, what, when, and where were all changed.  ...

Administrative team institutes new school policies

During the 2016-2017 school year, SLUH is seeing some drastic changes. The chapel and library are being transformed into more silent spaces.  Homeroom is being ...

Kornfeld prepares for final season

Whether in the stadium, in the weight room, or riding shotgun with a new driver, you can always find Coach Gary Kornfeld around SLUH. With over three decades of call...

SLUH’s official website revamped

The official website of St. Louis U. High,, has been drastically updated over the summer with a slew of new features and modules, opening with an aerial vie...

A new college counselor: Elaine Todorov

Elaine Todorov is one of the new college counselors at St. Louis U. High this year, bringing with her a depth of experience and an abundance of enthusiasm. ...

A new college counselor: Kate Kindbom

Having worked previously at St. Louis University, Eureka High School, Washington University, and Westminster Academy, Kate Kindbom has now settled at SLUH as a new a...

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