Fr. Pepe Ruiz serves Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Fr. Pepe Ruiz serves Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

While most of us have watched helplessly as multiple hurricanes have ripped through different parts of our country and world the past few months, Fr. Pepe Ruiz S.J., a former Saint Louis U. High faculty member, has been in San Juan, Puerto ...

Ruiz was originally sent to Puerto Rico to work at St. Ignatius school and in a nearby parish roughly two months before Hurricane Maria devastated the country. He...

Conversation: Schmelter’s family hit by hurricane

Conversation: Schmelter’s family hit by hurricane

Editor in Chief Jack Schweizer sat down with native Puerto Rican Anja Schmelter, St. Louis U. High’s Director of Admissions, in her office on Tuesday for 50 minutes, talking about Hurricane Maria’s impact on her family, who stil...

Jack Schweizer: I’ve heard you have family in Puerto Rico? You have family there? Anja Schmelter: Yeah, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I lived there...

Linhares to host new podcast

Linhares to host new podcast

Many know Mr. Jim Linhares as “Assistant Principal,” but soon he will be adopting an additional role: radio host. Linhares will be hosting a podcast about St. Louis U. High, discussing important issues in St. Louis and within th...


School-wide day of service for bicentennial

On the Friday after midterm exams, St. Louis U. High will participate in an all school day of service at various locations around the St. Louis area as part of the p...

Teacher in-service reflects on STEM and innovation, sustainability, and more

By Paul Gillam Staff T wo Friday’s ago, on September 29, the student body was given the day off while the St. Louis U. High faculty attended an in-service d...

Committee assesses freshman curriculum

Over the past few summers, multiple St. Louis U. High teachers have come together in interdepartmental projects known as curriculum institutes. These programs are me...

Senior Schumacher completes the family hat-trick: achieves a 36 on ACT

A humble hulk is studying among the students of St. Louis U. High: senior Kurt Schumacher. Myths are told through STUCO emails about this giant’s feats on...

Senior Washington selected by Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis to 2017-18 student board

Senior Teddy Washington was elected over the summer to the Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis’ student board of directors for the 2017-18 school year. On the s...

Speech team starts the year off optimistic

St. Louis U. High competed in the Christian Interscholastic Speech Meet this past Sunday. The team results have not yet been announced, but the individual performanc...

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