"Love always leads to sorrow.”

A simple truth that love always leads to sorrow—but ultimately does not end with it—rings true for all those who love. By opening our hearts, we also open ourselves to the eventual sorrow of losing that love. Many have not personally experienced harsh realities of this truth, but two St. Louis U. High faculty—theology teacher Allen Boedeker and English teacher Chuck Hussung—have in a very personal sense. Both have lost their spouse this academic year. Mary Boedeker died on Jan. 6, 2019. Marsha Hussung died 82 days earlier on Oct. 19, 2018. The Boedekers were married for 38 years and the Hussungs for 31.

Juniors Amar and Andy Mujezinovic are both celebrating their seventeenth birthday today!

The broad-shouldered brothers hail from South City and, prior to St. Louis U. High, attended Premier Charter School in the St. Louis Public Schools District. Their path to SLUH has been considerably different than the average SLUH student.