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As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, the St. Louis U. High maintenance staff’s remodeling plans are just beginning to take shape. From working on big projects, like renovating the third floor of the Science Wing, to smaller touch-ups, like painting and replacing carpeting, the maintenance crew will have its hands full all summer to help the school look its best.

For nearly two decades, English teacher Chuck Hussung’s freshman Odyssey curriculum culminated in an extra credit field trip to the “Urban Odyssey” mural downtown.

As the school year draws to a close, elite runners from around the nation rally around the St. Louis U. High track to participate in the Festival of Miles.  The event, which raises money for an athlete in need, now calls upon the SLUH community to unite on May 30 to help Margaret Lyons in her battle against colon cancer.

Editors’ Note: On Tuesday, PN 83 Editor in Chief Paul Gillam and PN 84 Editor in Chief Johno Jackson sat down with SLUH President Alan Carruthers to discuss his first year at SLUH. The following transcription has been edited for length.

SLUH removes chapel cloud to avoid fire hazard

The dust-covered maroon cloth covering the fluorescent lights in the chapel were removed for fire hazard reasons due to dust acclimation. The current, exposed fluorescent lights will remain until the chapel is redone as part of the Go Forth campaign next year. With the removal of the cloth, the chapel looks brighter and cleaner.