The Innovation Lab, which was to be soft-opened for the fourth quarter, will be extending the early adopter phase as safety protocols are finalized, equipment is understood, and a full-time lab director is hired.

Over the next several years, renovations will sweep through the halls of St. Louis U. High, transforming the nearly 100 year old Backer Memorial into a 21st century campus.

Saint Louis U. High faculty, staff and students collected 4,255 food items and $19,768 this Mission Week, blowing past the goal of $15,000. Student competitions, STUCO events, and leaders within classes,  energized everyone to donate and help those struggling with food insecurity.

St. Louis U. High started their observation of the Lenten season this Wednesday with an all school Mass, paving the way for other events to take place throughout March and leading into April.

The St. Louis U. High baseball program is turning 100 years old this spring, and it is time to celebrate! SLUH will be hosting two events on April 27 and May 6 to gather the community and acknowledge the greatness of the program’s history and of long-tenured varsity head coach Steve Nicollerat.

It was over a year ago when communications director Ben DuMont reach out to English teacher and director of equity and inclusion Frank Kovarik, ’94, with the hope that Kovarik would write a book untangling the timeline of a centuries old institution’s history  rooted in tradition as much as its forgotten past. Kovarik agreed, and the rest is history.