There is an old joke that the Dominicans are known for their great preaching, the Franciscans are known for their simplicity, and the Jesuits are known for their skill in choosing good property. This old joke certainly seems to hold up, as St. Louis U. High has just announced a donation of a soon-to-be-retreat center sitting on 88 acres of beautiful land located just north of Troy in Silex, Mo.

In partnership with the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Catholic schools within the greater metropolitan area, St. Louis U. High hosted the second annual Sister Ebo Social Justice Conference. The conference focused on pro-life topics, going beyond the issue of abortion to create an umbrella of information about all the components of what it means to be pro-life.

Over a year ago last week, an announcement came over the St. Louis U. High PA that the anticipated Stockley verdict had come out: Jason Stockley had been found not guilty. A year later, the SLUH community is still trying to take lessons from that event to create a more inclusive environment.

St. Louis U. High’s Spirit Week 2018 begins next Monday, Sept. 24, which means it’s once again time for a week chock-full of activities, games, a rap battle, SLUH’s first pep rally in a while, and daily dress down themes to make each day even more unique. The Student Council moderators and students are especially excited for this year’s festivities.

As St. Louis U. High continues to expand its ever growing global education program, five previous Chinese exchange students have elected to continue their education at SLUH by returning to the school as juniors. They are Ji (Terry) Yiheng, Tong (Eric) Wu, Kaizki (Xavier) Wu, Xiaojian (Jason) Sun, and Wangzheng (Chris) Jiang.

The Student-Teacher Association for Racial Studies (STARS), a club at SLUH where both teachers and students can talk about racial issues in our community, met for the first time this year last Thursday.