Science Department chair and chemistry teacher Mary Russo’s senior AP Chemistry class has been tackling one of most prevalent and controversial issues of the past two years—vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. The class has conducted research on various aspects of the topic. One group in particular took its research to a schoolwide level, conducting a survey of the entire student body to analyze the extent to which vaping has affected SLUH students.

For many, last Tuesday marked the end of the election cycle. For those attending the Youth and Government (YAG) convention in Jefferson City, Mo., the election cycle was just beginning. Forty-eight delegates from St. Louis U. High bussed to the 70th annual YMCA Youth and Government Lewis State Convention to participate in mock government as representatives, senators, judges, trial lawyers, and, perhaps most importantly, voters.

English teacher Chuck Hussung made his return to St. Louis U. High on Monday after missing nearly three months to focus on caring for his wife, Marsha.

With Veterans’ day on the 11th, Sports Editor Justin Koesterer had a conversation with ASC English teacher Pete Lucier, a veteran. The conversation was about his experience in the Marine Corps and the brotherhood built through his service. To conclude, Lucier talks about what Veterans’ day means to him. The following is a transcription of their conversation:

Campus Ministry, ACES, and the Department of Equity and Inclusion sponsored a screening of the movie Day One in the Si Commons last Thursday followed by a panel of speakers. The screening was available to anyone in the St. Louis area.