Since August, our AP Chemistry class has been conducting a compre- hensive study on vaping in the United States. We were divided into five groups to research and present a well-rounded explanation of vaping: History, Market- ing, Physiological Effects, Vaping at SLUH and Policy. Here is a summation of our research regarding how the vaping epidemic has affect- ed SLUH.

With the approach of cornucopias, turkey dinners, and the season of thanks, we, the five editors of the Prep News, would like to give thanks to to the Photography Club, especially Louis Barnes, the Prep News staff photographer, and Mrs. Kathy Chott, the club moderator, for their dedication to SLUH and their help in making the Prep News possible.

The Photography Club works tirelessly each week travelling to and from events, some as far as 40 minutes away, to take photos, many of which are not seen by the community. After a photographer takes photos, he or she spends hours sorting and editing photos and each week. Despite being a separate entity, the Photography Club gives us permission to use these photos.

Thank you to the Photography Club, Louis, and Mrs. Chott for your selflessness and generosity.

Happy Holidays and AMDG,

Prep News Editors