To the editors,

Your commendable interview with Mr. Sciuto, on the eve of his retirement, focused my mind and heart on my brief connection to him.  Upon reflection, your distillation of the man’s accomplishments at SLUH requires some additional emphasis—which I hope to provide.

Thank you, Mr. Sciuto

During my time at SLUH, there were countless people who had monumental effects on my education and personal growth. Mr. Baud’s tests humbled me, Mr. Chura’s Russian class challenged me, Mr. Becvar the younger, Ms. Whitaker, and Ms. Akin helped me see the beauty in music and performing arts, Mr. Becvar the elder’s BC Calc tests humbled me again, Mr. Quinn taught me to look beyond the words into the heart of a novel or poem, and Ms. Anzalone and Ms. Beugg opened my eyes to the opportunities to serve Saint Louis in ways I never knew existed. However, no one during my time at Saint Louis U. High had quite the impact on me that Mr. Sciuto had.

As the year comes to a close and the list of lasts runs out, it’s hard to believe our journey as Prep News editors has come to a close. What has been an integral part of our lives—for some of us since sophomore year —is now over. A common saying claims that you only get out what you put into something, but we would have to disagree. Whatever we have given to this enterprise in return we have received tenfold. The math doesn’t add up—even the English Department agrees. Missing from that equation are the countless people who have helped us along our journey. This editorial could not begin to express our gratitude, so bear with us as we do our best.