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As readers of the Prep News may recall, before Christmas break, two letters from alumni appeared in the paper. Both letters discussed the curriculum of the English Department. One letter urged us to teach more books by women, citing a relative lack of such books in the curriculum during the writer’s years at SLUH. The other letter implicitly suggested that we should not consider the sex of authors—or, for that matter, any particular aspects of their identity—when selecting works to teach to SLUH students.

As construction of St. Louis U. High’s new Innovation Lab finally comes to an end, President Alan Carruthers wanted to include some new artwork around the lab area that was both interesting to look at and depicted some of the ideas found in the Innovation Lab that were common to Catholic faith. To complete this task, Carruthers called upon art teacher Sean Powers to design two new murals for the walkways going past the Innovation Lab.

As part of the College Counseling Department’s ongoing work to prepare juniors for the college application process, the department joined forces with the English Department to deliver two instructional days centered around the college application essay.

St. Louis U. High hosted the first annual Legends of Winter Roundball Classic basketball tournament from Dec. 27-30. The tournament featured high school basketball teams from around the area and was held at the Danis Field House.

Thousands of miles away from everyone and everything that they are familiar with, having to quickly adapt to an entirely different culture, the five exchange students from Nanjing, China—Hanji (William) Sun, Rachel Lyu, Liwen Chen, Yixiang Sun, and Zihan Wei—are starting off their new years with bigger changes than most at St. Louis U. High can imagine.

After wrapping up exams on December 19, P.E. teacher and Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) moderator Patrick Zarrick took a group of twenty-five out to Dillon, Colo. to ski for four days.

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