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Saint Louis U. High’s first ever Open Mic Night took place last night in the Schulte Theater, a performance that will be the first of many during the school year. Open Mic Night is a forum for SLUH students to freely express themselves through their work and perform pieces or performances that can still be “in development.”

One of printmaking teacher Ms. Joan Bugnitz’ favorite personal projects involves removing people from photographs from the 1920s and replacing them with characters of her own design. Now, on her semester long sabbatical, Bugnitz is removing herself from St. Louis U. High for a short while and redesigning herself as a student at The University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSC).

Observant students and faculty may have noticed a new face roaming the halls of St. Louis U. High this past week. This new face belonged to Dr. Geoffrey Miller, ’95, a Provincial Assistant for Secondary Education, (or PASE). Miller finished his annual visit to SLUH on Thursday. The goal of his visit: to get to know SLUH inside and out in order to report back to the provincial, the Very Rev. Ron Mercier, S.J..

For seven periods a day, five days a week, for nearly three weeks, one teacher per period at St. Louis U. High wondered where one student in particular was—senior Michael Ruzicka, who was absent from school until this past Thursday, when he returned after suffering severe injuries from a mountain biking accident at Castlewood state park.

Senior Nick Rakonick is a part of the Student Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank, which is located on Broadway in downtown St. Louis. After a nine-month application process, Rakonick was accepted and has now begun work with several other high school students who are learning the ways of the business world and becoming better people while doing it.

The third floor; often heard and spoken of, but seldom seen by students of St. Louis U. High. It is out of sight and out of mind, but it is always focused on making SLUH a better place. This summer, the third floor had quite the turnover, as SLUH hired three new staff members to take on important roles. These new members, despite their mysterious workplace, are here to help make SLUH a better place than when they entered. Linda Domeyer, Liz Tuxbury, and Amanda Antony are already hard at work helping to keep SLUH the amazing place it is.

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