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While students and faculty pushed through their final day of semester exams, St. Louis U. High quietly welcomed Assistant Secretary of Education for Primary and Secondary Education Frank Brogan to campus. The Dec. 19 event pulled some students and faculty out of the exam routine to share the school’s STEAM endeavors.

Renovations have begun in the Ignatian Conference Room following severe rain damage last summer. In addition to fixing the issues caused by the rain damage, the renovations are intended to make the room a more comfortable and versatile place.

After giving birth to her third child, Pauline, in mid-December Spanish teacher Kate Toussaint will be on maternity leave for all of the third quarter. Freshman Spanish teacher Javier Moreno has stepped in to cover Toussaint’s sophomore classes, and long-term SLUH teacher Charles Merriott will return to teach Toussaint’s Spanish 4 classes when the seniors return in February.

The sweet sound of music filled the Si Commons on the last Friday of the first semester, but it didn’t come from the talented choir or the skillful band, it came from the teachers of St. Louis U. High.

Just five hours after winter break started, the Outdoor Adventure Club began a four day ski trip to Colorado. Thirty-four people traveled with moderator Patrick Zarrick: 22 seniors, four juniors, two sophomores, and six chaperones.

The St. Louis U. High varsity chess team took on the CBC B-team on Wednesday in its fourth match of the year. The team was looking to continue its undefeated start to the season.

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