Past Articles


The new year brings a change of location for the office of Rev. Michael Marchlewski, S.J. (better known as Fr. Marco), one of the most popular student hangout spots around St. Louis U. High. Previously located in the old cafeteria, Fr. Marco’s office was relocated to the southwest corner of the Si Commons.

Four new classes will be offered next school year at St. Louis U High: Applied Aviation Engineering, African American History, Intro to Construction Engineering, and Intro to Woodworking.   

St. Louis U. High fathers and sons will gather in the Si Commons next Sunday, Jan. 26, for the annual Father Son Banquet hosted by the SLUH Fathers’ Club. The theme of the night is the importance of father figures and their impact on the lives of their sons.Headlining the event is New York Times best-selling author Wes Moore, who will speak about his experience growing up in the poverty stricken inner city of Baltimore without his father, who died when he was young. Despite his rough childhood, Moore went on to attend both Johns Hopkins University and Oxford University and became a Rhodes Scholar.

At the beginning of the second semester, five Chinese exchange students started their tenure at St. Louis U. High. The students are from the Nanjing Foreign Language school. SLUH has had a close relationship with them since 1997, having hosted several students from their school for the second semester of each year. In recent years, the program has been expanded to allow the exchange students to stay with a host family, and apply to become full time students at SLUH, going through their junior and senior years and eventually graduating.

On any given afternoon, a student wandering around the basement of St. Louis U. High can hear the sounds of students speaking quietly, metal banging on metal, or the whir of a saw running. No, it is not Mr. Schulte torturing students, it is the SLUH robotic team working on their robot for their upcoming competition.

The St. Louis U. High chess team faced Metro on the road this week. Having started the year undefeated, the Jr. Bills wanted to keep the streak alive with another win. However, both top seniors Thomas Reilly and Garrett Seal were unable to participate in the match because they were on the Kairos Retreat. They left the team without their usual boards one and two players, so the team knew it would not be an easy match to win.