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Captain K, some call him. That’s a fitting nickname for Latin teacher and Jesuit scholastic Tim Kieras, S.J. In his three years at St. Louis U. High, he’s crossed between the Theology and Foreign Language departments, flown to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and World Youth Day in Brazil, and ferried his seniors through the waters of Vergil’s Aeneid. Now, having completed the regency stage of Jesuit formation, Kieras will move on next year to complete his theology studies at Boston College.

This summer, theology teacher James Burshek, S.J., will depart from his third round of teaching at St. Louis U. High to teach theology for juniors at De Smet next year.

As St. Louis U. High has grown and expanded since 2007, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), a nonprofit organization that provides free one-to-one programs for children with severe disabilities, has grown with it.

Junior Brendan Underwood officially began his new club, the Student-Teacher Association for Racial Studying (STARS) last week. The club is the result of the extra credit reading group led by Underwood earlier this semester.

Led and directed by experienced SLUH seniors Nate Cummings, Kevin Thomas, and Alex Greubel ’13, a group of 14 Shakespeare and theater enthusiasts have begun the hectic process of churning out another summer production.

On June 4, Saint Louis U. High’s track will once again play host to some of the fastest professional and high school athletes in the country. For the past eight years, SLUH has hosted the Festival of Miles, an elite track meet that features both male and female Olympic hopefuls, as well as some of the best high school and middle school runners that the region as well as the country, have to offer.

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