83.23 Spartz Masthead


Nine-peat. Yes, that’s right. For the ninth year in a row, the racquetbills are National Champions. From last Wednesday to Sunday, St. Louis U. High battled on the courts of Vetta Concord and Vetta West and established their dominance on the national stage, scoring a total of 3,764 points, with Oregon’s Sprague team in second place with 2,432 points.

The St. Louis U. High hockey team is no stranger to big games, and last Saturday’s second game of the semifinals was nothing short of that. Since the team’s bumpy start to the playoffs, the Jr. Bills have been consistent in their play and have dominated their opponents, outscoring the opposition in the last five games 20-2. Kirkwood, however, did not go down without a fight. SLUH narrowly avoided a minigame, beating the Pioneers 3-1, to secure a place in the State Championship game.

Going into the season, the St. Louis U. High basketball team had a lot of ground to make up. With a lot of new players, including many talented underclassmen, the team (5-22) had to work together to play better basketball, especially to fix their turnover and rebounding problems. Enduring injuries and a large number of losses, the players put a lot of emphasis on their character and to be better “men for others.”

Following the retirement of longtime head baseball coach Steve Nicollerat, and heading into the 100th year of the baseball program, St. Louis U. High baseball looks to use the excitement of new beginnings to propel themselves forward to the State Championship.

Following a historic four-peat state victory in 2018, the St. Louis U. High Water Polo team is back in the water, and are on the prowl like a school of lionfish, looking to secure the program’s 21st state title.

A state championship has been on the minds of the St. Louis University High School lacrosse play- ers for the past few years. But those hopes have been disappointed at the title match each of the past two years, falling to MICDS both times.