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It’s a shark! It’s a submarine! No! It’s the St. Louis U. High Swim and Dive team churning its way to a state title—the team’s first in fifteen years—capping off a perfect season for the SwimBills.

Following the retirement of 39-year varsity coach Steve Nicollerat, the St. Louis U. High baseball program has named Ray Bulte, ’81, as interim head coach.

Another three months of grueling practices and games for the St. Louis U. High football program is in the books, with the varsity team finishing up their year at 1-9.

St. Louis U. High’s racquetball team dominated the courts of Vetta Concord this Tuesday. With the Varsity 1, JV 1-1, JV 1-2, and JV 2-1 teams all playing on the same day, there was lots of racquetball action.

The varsity and JV 2-1 teams successfully defeated rival Parkway West. At the same time, SLUH’s JV 1-1 faced off with SLUH’s JV 1-2.

At varsity, No. 1 seed Matt Hayes (Sr.) was the only loss, to Mark Duffie, one of the best players in the league.

“It was a really close match,” said head coach Robert Hoffman. “I thinking by the end of the season, I’m hoping, Matt will get him.”

Senior Ryan Lieser, No. 2 seed, won his match with incredible gameplay, giving up just eight points the whole match.

In the No. 3 seed, junior Andrew Porterfield won his match against Parkway in the No. 3 seed match, winning 15-11, 15-7 in the second. Porterfield had a slow start with serves but soon realized that a good serve rotation was the key to success.

“I played a better ceiling ball game toward the end which my opponent was worse at,” said Porterfield. “So, I got ahead instead of getting into a shooting match.”

Junior Nick Schulze dominated his match against Parkway West, winning 15-6 and 15-3.

“I took the smart and high percentage shots throughout the game,” said Schulze. “I think this helped to play well and have solid game.”

Senior Ryan Juergens defeated his Parkway West opponent, 15-2, 15-10. Even though the first game went quickly for Jurgens, the second match proved to be much more of a challenge.

“I started leaving stuff up too high in the second game, and he found a serve that worked well against me,” said Juergens. “But once I adjusted, I was able to put the serve away and go on a run.”

In the No. 6 seed, junior Tommy Phillips defeated his Parkway West opponent 15-3 and 15-11. With Parkway giving lots of easy setups, Phillips was able to hit several passes and kill shots.

Doubles team of seniors Liam John and Zack Pavlisin also won their match with a slow start. After great serves from both partners, the SLUH duo picked up the pace and finished the second game quickly.

“The doubles team is probably our most dominating team,” said Hoffman. “They’re very skilled, they work well together. Liam and Zack are just a great team.”

SLUH’s JV 1-1 vs. JV 1-2 started off with junior Jonathan Prichard for 1-1 against sophomore Oliver Allen for 1-2 with Prichard winning 15-5, 15-9. Prichard dominated the first match, but Allen put up a fight in the second match. With great ceiling balls from both players, the match was an intense fight.

The No. 2 seed match was fought between junior Kyle McEnery for 1-1 and sophomore Daniel Klarsch, with McEnery winning 15-4, 15-7. The match contained several tight rallies of passes and shots that both opponents struggled to reach. Klarsch defended exceptionally well with incredible ceiling balls.

Junior Kyle Zoellner on 1-1 defeated sophomore Nick Peterson for 1-2 15-5, 15-9. Zoellner made returns difficult for Peterson with his incredible down the line shots, making returns almost impossible for Peterson on some shots.

“I played some really good competition and the game was tough,” said Zoellner. “But in the end, my shots just seemed to hit in the right place at the right time.”

The No. 4 seed match between sophomore Danny Juergens for 1-1 and freshman Max Telken for 1-2 was also full of quick down the line shots from Juergens, making it difficult for Telken to return. Jurgens ended up winning the match 15-5, 15-1.

With 1-1 doubles team of juniors Eric Hammel and Jackson Haupt defeating 1-2 doubles team of freshman Danny Phillips and junior Jake Minana 15-7, 15-9, SLUH’s JV 1-1 swept JV 1-2 with a score of 5-0. Haupt controlled most of the first game of the match with eight aces in a row.

Winter grows closer and many St. Louis U. High students have stayed inside to avoid the harsh cold front that has struck the St. Louis area, but not the SLUH hockey team. They instead have headed onto the ice to rip some twine, lay some hits, and prepare for the long road to playoffs ahead of them. This week they hopped onto the rink red hot to face Oakville at the Affton Ice Rink for their first regular season game of the year, blowing out the Tigers 9-0.

Some St. Louis U. High cross country runners fulfilled the motto of the Nike Cross Regionals meet—“finished on empty”. This past Sunday, 20 runners traveled to Terre Haute, Ind. to run the Nike Cross Regionals meet. The top finishing team and top seven runners advanced to nationals. This was not the case, as the tired Jr. Bills placed 22nd out of 36 teams with two of their varsity runners absent.