Beginning next year, AP World History courses will be made available for up to 160 students, a change from the current optional after school class which began two years ago.



Friday, May 9

The PULSE Radio uploaded a new show, “Hot Salsa Reviews,” which features PULSE First Mate Jack Zimmerman eating insanely spicy salsa and reviewing the new remake of “Robocop.” The show came from an idea suggested by sophomore Grant Ludwig. To listen to the show, visit

The Honor Code Committee met in M221 for its first large meeting to discuss the purpose of an honor code. Junior Nick Perryman has been in contact with the committee this week via email, and sent the University of Notre Dame’s Honor Code as an example. The group will meet again today.

The senior class practiced in the Commons for its graduation and then had a barbecue on the Upper Field. 


Saturday, May 10

An Alum Sports Trivia was held in the Si Commons, organized by Mark Hennelly, ‘03. One hundred seventy-five players participated on 28 teams. Local radio host Tim McKernan, ‘94, emceed the eight rounds of trivia.


Sunday, May 11

The annual spring Chorus Concert was held at 4 p.m. in the Schulte Theater. A cappella Club sang the Australian folk song “Waltzin’ Matilda” at the chorus concert. The song featured onomatopoeic sounds of a didgeridoo and bushwahzee. The Spring Dance Concert was themed around an international journey and included a rendition of “Jai Ho,” a dance from Slumdog Millionaire.


Monday, May 12

A former Saturday Night Live, Tonight Show, and current Key and Peele writer held a Q & A in the theater. See the article on page one of this week’s Prep News.

Yearbook met to submit pages before their deadline.

Thomas à Kempis Club met to read chapter 18 of The Imitation of Christ while chewing on doughnuts and drinking milk.

A group of a cappella singers from Yale performed in the Si Commons.


Tuesday, May 13

The newly elected Student Council members met to plan summer meetings and next year’s Spirit Week. Other new ideas such as a “Fan of the month” and STUCO forums were discussed.

Carl Heumann, S.J., celebrated the Mothers’ Club Officer Installation Mass in the SLUH Chapel. The current and future members then headed to the Si Commons where a dinner was held.


Wednesday, May 14

Staycation finished up plans for its last adventure of the school year: an exploration tomorrow of two St. Louis French neighborhoods, Soulard and Lafayette Square. Spots are still available. Email by 3 p.m. today.


Thursday, May 15

Freshman Pastoral Team met for its final meeting to discuss ideas for the next year while eating Papa John’s Pizza.

Pax Christi held its last meeting of the year to discuss the upcoming Pax Christi/Gadfly concert on Tuesday, May 26. The group then used Google Forms to take a survey of what members wanted to focus on next year. The top three issues were fair trade, raising awareness on the death penalty, and educating on militarism.


SLUHPAC met to discuss what the group would look like next year. Afterwards, those present talked about the Navy SEALS LeapFrog event, which has drawn three letters to the Prep News over the last two weeks.


He is St. Louis U. High’s most influential alumnus in the world of public policy and politics. He worked with civil rights leaders Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King Jr.; worked with Catholic Worker Movement founder Dorothy Day; wrote a book that has been compared to The Jungle, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Silent Spring in its social significance (and has appeared on the AP U.S. History test); and at one point was thought of as a potential presidential candidate. Yet few students at SLUH know who he is: Michael Harrington, ’44.



St. Louis U. High will once again hold the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit at an offsite location. SLU’s Chaifetz Arena will play host to the Mass next August, which stretch from DeSmet, Loyola, and SLU students attend as well.


Nearly a month after the junior class elected its first executive STUCO representatives, junior Jake Pizzitola has been elected class president, and junior Kellen Cushing has been elected class vice president for the 2014-15 school year.



The freshman class headed to the polls during lunch yesterday and elected Luke Sextro as freshman class president and Peter Hennessey as vice president.


Eight St. Louis U. High musicians spent a balmy Saturday at the University of Missouri in Columbia competing in the State band competition, and almost all of them received a one—the highest performance rating on a scale from one to five.



Features Editor Jacob Hilmes sought out Director of Admissions and Communications Anja Schmelter to discover what led to Geared Slab, a much-discussed piece of St. Louis U. High’s rebranding process. Schmelter detailed the steps of choosing a font for a 200-year-old Jesuit institution, and shared a glimpse of what SLUH might have chosen.


“A few years before 2012 we started doing focus groups and trying to evaluate what are the pillars of our school, the things that, in people’s mind—we surveyed studentss, teachers, parents, board members—make our school unique,” said Schmelter.


Schmelter also lent Prep News a bound pamphlet of slogans, graphics, and potential fonts. Below are several excerpts, including a page showcasing the capabalities of Geared Slab, as well as an example of a font offered, but not chosen due to its inability to represent SLUH. All quotes below are attributed to Schmelter.


“The advertising agency we were working with at the time was Rodgers Townsend, because Tim Rodgers Jr. and Sr. are alum and they kind of volunteered their services to help us with some of our initial elements of our brand, one of their designers recommended Geared Slab, because it met some of those characteristics we were looking for.”


“Key things we were looking for was that it looked traditional, yet modern, that it look collegiate, and somewhat masculine, not too cutesy, and that it appeal to all of our constituents. With our constituents we’re talking people from people who have graduated and are in their 80’s to maybe a fifth grader, and more importantly our current students, so you’re talking about a big spread.”

It seems that Stephen Hawking has got his work cut out for him.


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