Fresh off their victories at the Forest Park, Paul Enke, and Jorgenson Memorial races, the freshman cross country team has another trophy in its sights: the MCC championship.

Undefeated this season, team members are confident.

“I think we’re pretty good. Pretty solid,” said freshman Daniel Venker when asked to judge the team as a whole. “I think we should bring home another victory.”

“With the way that we’re running, and since we’re improving every week, we should be able to cinch this win,” said freshman Peter Volmert.

Freshman champion of the Paul Enke Invitational race Shayn Jackson has high hopes for the team.

“I think freshmen will sweep. I definitely think freshmen will get a perfect score,” said Jackson.

The JV cross country team is halfway into the season, and so far it is doing well. The team, which consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, has raced four times, and St. Louis U. High runners have placed reasonably well.

“I think the JV team is doing outstanding,” said head coach Joe Porter, who is very pleased with the state of this year’s JV team.

Joshua Zink-Duda, a senior and one of four captains of the SLUH cross country team, often runs with the JV runners and said, “I think it shows the depth of the team, that we put in our second varsity or our third varsity when we run in a varsity race, and we still do very well in the JV races.”

As far as goals for the season go, the team is ambitious. “For the team, we would like to have as many guys under 18 or 19 minutes for the five kilometer as we can,” said Zink-Duda.

“We’re in a position where we’ve had so many different guys really step up in the front. But the way that we measure our success is how significantly guys drop time,” said Porter.

In a recent race at Arnold Park, sophomore Jacob Breiner did exceptionally well, running a 5K time of 18:32 and placing fourth out of the JV runners in the race. Other JV runners with recurring high-ranking times are Zink-Duda, seniors Jimmy Griffard and George Carroll, all of whom have finished 19 minutes or below in a 5K at least once this year.

The team is set to race four more times over the next four weekends.

The JV and freshman teams will race this Saturday at the Metro Catholic Conference (MCC) Championship at 9:00 a.m. in Forest Park.


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